Plusivo Resistor Assortment Kit - 10Ω to 1M (600pcs)


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It includes the most common resistor values from 10 ohm to 1 Mega ohm.

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Premium Assorted Resistors: It includes the most common resistor values from 10 Ω to 1 MΩ. High quality assorted ¼ watt-metal film resistors with 1% tolerance.

Resistor Assortment Set with 600 pcs: 30 commonly used resistance values, 20 pieces each value.

Durable Plastic Storage Box: It helps you to always keep the resistors organized, provides storage whenever you want to stock up and helps you to easily transport the kit anywhere - forget about the hassle of finding your needed resistor value.

ADDITIONAL items included : red LEDs, a photoresistor and a thermistor.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Our resistor assortment box is backed by our manufacturer 30-day money back guarantee.

Resistors play an important role in an electronic circuit design

A major benefit of the Resistor Assortment Kit is that it includes all commonly used resistance values. Having the resistor kit on hand will ensure that needed resistors are readily available when constructing and testing your electronic circuit.

What you want, need and desire

What You Want - A resistors variety pack that includes most commonly used ¼ watt 1% tolerance metal film resistors.

What You Need - A resistor assortment kit that is handy and can be used for your breadboard in electronic projects.

What You Desire - A premium resistor kit that is easy to store and keeps your resistors organized.

What You Get - Everything you want, need and desire with the Plusivo Resistor Assortment Kit. PLUS ADDITIONAL items - red LEDs, a photoresistor and a thermistor.

Large assortment of resistors

The Plusivo Resistor Assortment Kit includes 30 commonly used resistance values,

10 Ω, 22 Ω, 47 Ω, 100 Ω, 150 Ω, 200 Ω

220 Ω, 270 Ω, 330 Ω, 470 Ω, 510 Ω, 680 Ω

1 kΩ, 2 kΩ, 2.2 kΩ, 3.3 kΩ, 4.7 kΩ, 5.1 kΩ

6.8 kΩ, 10 kΩ, 20 kΩ, 47 kΩ, 51 kΩ, 68 kΩ

100 kΩ, 220 kΩ, 300 kΩ, 470 kΩ, 680 kΩ, 1 MΩ

With a total of 600 resistors, you'll never run out of resistors to use for your electronic projects.

Ergonomic Design

The Plusivo Resistor Assortment Kit is a joy to use. It comes with a box that allows you to easily store the resistors. Just open the box and pick up the resistor you need.

Build your electronic circuit now with the Plusivo Resistor Assortment Kit!

Don't delay, buy today.

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Assorted resistor

Good for its value!!! with extra thermistor, photo resistor, led(red) which i can use for arduino.


    Just what I needed.

    Nice assortment. Needed some resistance values my other set didn't have. Specifically 680 and 3K3 ohms. Even marked 3K3. Easy choice.


      A bunch of resistors

      When you aren't sure what you are going to need for your projects, this is a nice combo pack with a bunch of different resistances.


        Exactly as pictured

        Exactly as pictured, great quality, husband loves it


          Nice set for the money.

          I've only actually used one of the resistors so far, but it worked fine and the pack is nice.


            Awesome kit

            All good, it does the job. Great buy!


              Very happy with this purchase

              Very fine product and I will order more products!


                So far so good!

                Everything checks out within the tolerance advertised. I would buy again


                  Great assortment of resistors

                  A nice kit of resistors which will take me a lifetime to use. I'm satisfied


                    Excellent value for the price.

                    They work. And I like the LEDs. Great Selection


                      Nice kit

                      Kit is comprehensive and the groups of resistors are labeled in writing, so I don't need to only go by color-band code. This is a very good assortment of resistors for DIY electronic projects at a very good price.


                        Five stars

                        Exactly what I was looking for. These are small quarter watt resistors good for logic circuits. All strips of resistors have labels. In addition, there is a color code key to help read values if you get them mixed up.



                          Outstanding product and outstanding service.


                            Great value for resistors

                            I'm using breadboard projects and this is exactly what I needed. It fits my breadboard perfectly; clearly marked; easily bends, but stiff enough to hold up.


                              Great variety

                              Very nice multi-value resistor set. More than enough for my projects


                                Worth the money

                                600 assorted resistors for projects. Not all values are included but enough to improvise for any good circuit. They appear to be quality items.
                                Cheaper than buying discrete parts too.

                                The LED / photo resistor bonus is pretty handy.


                                  Great product and Fast shipping

                                  As advertised, very quick delivery! Packaging is perfect and the product works great! Thanks


                                    Good deal

                                    What's to say. Good value, nicely labeled so you don't have to read the color bands.


                                      Quantity and Variety at a fair price

                                      Great value for the price. More resistors than I will probably use for a long time and a useful extra. Recommended!


                                        Item as Described

                                        Work great, arrived quickly. Everything as described.


                                          Great value and variety

                                          Excellent quality. Lots of resistors for a great price and you can easily solder them on. I will never run out of resistors for all my breadboard projects.


                                            Great assortment and packaging

                                            Good storage box for the resistors. My box had some LED's and other freebies included.

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                                              Plusivo Resistor Assortment Kit - 10Ω to 1M (600pcs)

                                              Plusivo Resistor Assortment Kit - 10Ω to 1M (600pcs)

                                              It includes the most common resistor values from 10 ohm to 1 Mega ohm.

                                              See Description for more details about the product.

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