Plusivo Basic Soldering Kit for Electronics (220-230 V, Plug Type A)


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Complete Soldering Kit: It includes the complete soldering tools for various uses, from home DIY, electrical repairs jobs and other soldering projects.

Premium Quality Components: High-quality assorted components used for soldering

Bonus Accessories: 10+ extra items and a downloadable E-book - Mastering the Art of Soldering.

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Complete Soldering Kit for many applications: It includes all necessary tools widely used for most of soldering projects, home DIY crafts-making, electrical repairs, and more.

Premium Quality Components: High quality soldering iron with mini stand and all other accessories; soldering iron with adjustable temperature knob, 2pcs replaceable tips, heat-resistant cap and grip for maximum protection.

Bonus Accessories: 10+ extra items such as desoldering pump, solder tube, tweezers, wires, wire stripper, mini screwdrivers, heatshrink tubes and more. Plus a downloadable E-book - Mastering the Art of Soldering.

Durable and Convenient Carton Box: The tools come in handy; keeps all the components organized and easy to carry.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Our soldering kit is backed by the manufacturer’s 30-day money-back / replacement guarantee and lifetime customer support, ensuring the customers’ high level of satisfaction.

The Basic Soldering Kit includes:

• Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron (60 W)

• Mini Soldering Iron Stand

• Mini Wire Stripper Tool

• Curved Tweezers ESD-15

• Tin Wire Solder Tube

• Desoldering Pump

• Black 22 AWG Wire

• 2pcs Soldering Iron Tips

• Mini Screwdrivers

• Heasthrink tubes

• Ebook: Mastering the art of soldering

Basic Soldering Kit

Various Applications

• Home DIY
• electrical repairs jobs
• wiring small appliances
• electronic projects or electrical use
• simple electronic circuit board
• connecting wires

Soldering Iron (60 W) and Soldering Iron Tip Set

• features a heat resistant cap and interchangeable tips.
• includes a 2-pc set of soldering iron tips which vary in size and shape for different types of work.

Mini Soldering Iron Stand With Sponge

• tin metal base
• cleaning sponge

Soldering Kit with Bonus

• common tools used for soldering
• tin wire solder tube
• insulating tapes and wires for connecting wires
• some powerful tools such as desoldering pump and tweezers that shouldn't be missing from anyone's workbench
• mini screwdrivers, mini wire stripper tool to aid in electronics DIY projects

Soldering Iron

• Wattage: 60 W
• Working Voltage: 220-230 V, Plug Type A
• Item Dimension: 26.5 cm x 17.5 cm x 5 cm
• Max. Temperature: 450 C

Soldering Iron Stand

• holder for the soldering iron when not in use
• mini stand with soldering iron holder for preventing burns
• sponge for cleaning the soldering iron tip

Durable Carton Box Included

• all items are inside the durable carton box
• helps to always keep the components organized
• very convenient to store small tools
• easy to carry and transport

You'll never want to be without the Plusivo Soldering Kit!

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Great for DIY!

Got the job done and paid for itself!


    Loaded with extras for it having such a low price!!!

    This is one purchase that you get more than you bargain for. The iron alone is worth the purchase price but then they throw in all that stuff. Amazing deal. More than satisfied with this purchase.


      Good value. Worked fine.

      Heated up quickly. Allowed me to do some minor soldering.


        Great beginning solder kit!

        Great beginning solder kit! I was able to use it for wiring my 4x 6.5" jbl speakers this is a great buy!



          Works great, I'm not quite a beginner but pretty close, and it was very easy to use.


            Good value for the price

            Very impressed with the kit provided and the clear instructions on how to use everything.


              Highly recommend for home projects

              For the price it's a awesome soldering iron. Very surprised in how well it works and it's decent quality. The tools are a bonus.


                Extremely Good Value

                I only needed an iron for one job so I didn't want to splurge. I can't believe I got all this for the price. It worked great and came with everything I needed (iron, solder, plugs, wire stripper) plus more. I am an engineering student so it will be nice to have this kit laying around if I want to use it on a future project. I already have an arduino kit and raspberry pi so this is a pretty cool addition.


                  Great Soldering Kit for Beginners

                  This is a great little soldering iron kit for beginners like me. I've not mastered soldering, but they provide a downloadable guide to help you learn. I've soldered and desoldered some wires with ok results. The iron works great and heats properly, but numbers on the dial are small and hard to see. The kit includes round, pointed tips, but I am going to try to get a flat tip to make it easier to hold the solder. The heat shrink tubes worked well. The kit includes everything you need to get started at a great price!


                    Perfect and cheap!

                    This was a had to have for a project but little money to spend . This was just what I needed . Great kit for more projects . I'm very happy with this soldering kit !


                      Most complete soldering kit I ever bought

                      For the price of this kit, I was surprise at the amount of items that came with this kit. Pretty much everything you ever need to make a soldering repair/connection/etc. The only thing you'll need is the heat blower for the shrink wrap. Very satisfied customer.


                        Great kit! It has everything!

                        This kit has everything you need to start soldering little electronics. I was blown away by the value and the things included. What a good deal! Highly recommend.


                          Great for small Electronic repairs!!

                          This is a very nice, basic soldering kit to have. Nothing really specials about it, but it has everything you need to solder with, plus some extras. For light use, this is an affordable solution.


                            Great value for the price

                            Love this little thing. Heats up quick and appears to get close to the correct temp. The amount of items you get in package for price is fantastic tho the other items are not the highest quality. But they all do the trick! Would recommend


                              Exactly what I needed it to do for an unbeatable price

                              I have only had this Plusivo Soldering iron kit for just a few days. I was able to replace a couple of capacitors in a flat screen TV, wire a webcam from a laptop to a USB cable, and replace a headphone jack on two pair of headphones. I got this because I needed a smaller tip iron for the headphone jack repair. The solder sucker actually works great, I have braid but used the included tool and it performed perfectly.They include a generous amount of shrink wrap, which I used on the headphones. I think it adds a clean finish. I would definitely recommend this product for convenience and performance.


                                Works well, as expected!

                                This soldering iron heated up very fast and works great. Product meets all expectations. Will be used as needed for simple home repairing.


                                  Arrived on time, fit my budget

                                  I have a small electronic project- reinstalling a USB port on a music keyboard, and I need something fast and inexpensive. This was perfect. the kit came with everything needed to start like solder. I definitely recommend this!


                                    Great product a+

                                    I love this little soldering iron. Honestly I just picked what I could afford which wasn’t much I can honestly say this by far surpassed any expectation I had. This thing is awesome!



                                      For the price, this is an insane deal! Worked beautifully for the task at hand. Good kit for someone just getting into soldering. Mainly bought this to fix my led kit for gundam model kits and it did the job. Instructions on how to use where super clear



                                        I needed a new soldering iron and found this kit and decided to give it a try. The soldering iron is adjustable for temperature. I was pleased at all of the extras that came with it. Great deal


                                          Surprised by the value/quality for the price.

                                          For the low sale price, I wasn’t expecting much but there was a lot included and the quality was better than expected too.
                                          Great for the price and purpose.


                                            WORKS GREAT!!!!

                                            Ordered this to do some work on a TV of mine! Worked great! No complaints! Is as described and pictured.


                                              Great Deal

                                              Everything to get started is in the box . heats up fast and works well


                                                Outstanding value

                                                I needed to buy some new tips for my iron, but for the cost of 5 tips, just bought this and refreshed all my stuff. Free 47 page E-book too with color photos and diagrams and terms and tips to help learn about soldering and electronics.


                                                  Quality product

                                                  Had bought a similar item for similar price and the quality of the plusivo was far superior. Iron works great, nice weight and solid construction. Included all the extras for a great price! Will definitely buy again.


                                                    High Recommended!

                                                    I have Never used a Soldering Gun before. That being said I bought this and followed the directions. I soldered an electric cable to a battery and it held no problem. It comes with so many extras, even electrical tape. I highly recommend this product.


                                                      Fantastic kit made available to everyone getting into soldering

                                                      Love the fact everything that you need comes in one package. A great Ebook is also available which teaches you not only how to solder, but how to keep yourself safe as well. This is a great kit that I would recommend to anyone who wants medium/small soldering project.


                                                        Had Me Soldering Like a Boss!

                                                        I was nervous because I had never soldered before. Read the instructions, watched a couple YouTube videos and I was off! I successfully repaired broken solder points on 3 Sega Genesis the first time out. I only used what came in the box, and didn’t know about flux until after the fact (not included). I’m very happy with the quality and value for my first kit!


                                                          Works beyond description

                                                          It even worked on some heavy stuff my husband worked on.


                                                            Worth it

                                                            It heats up super fast and comes with a bunch of little helpful things like screw drivers, different tips and shrink wrap.


                                                              Excellent kit! Worth buying..

                                                              This is an excellent, everything-a-beginner-could-need soldering kit. I like that it comes with several different attachment heads for different projects; a fine tip, fine slanted tip, wider slanted tip and a standard tip. I also like that it has a temperature setting, something my husband's old soldering iron doesn't have. This kit also gives you a web address so you can download an e-manual so you can get the basics on getting started. A great kit for a great value and I highly recommend it.


                                                                Great value! Worked fast and easy

                                                                I've used some expensive irons and stations but 5 minute after getting this in the door I had made my solder connection I needed. No frills but has everything you need. I even used the tweezers to hold a wire because I didn't have my gator clip holders here. For the price... 300% value


                                                                  Beginner Friendly

                                                                  Better than my expectations, has everything you need as a beginner, I was able to fix my headphones within an hour. (Also comes with a free book to help you out)

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                                                                    Plusivo Basic Soldering Kit for Electronics (220-230 V, Plug Type A)

                                                                    Plusivo Basic Soldering Kit for Electronics (220-230 V, Plug Type A)

                                                                    Complete Soldering Kit: It includes the complete soldering tools for various uses, from home DIY, electrical repairs jobs and other soldering projects.

                                                                    Premium Quality Components: High-quality assorted components used for soldering

                                                                    Bonus Accessories: 10+ extra items and a downloadable E-book - Mastering the Art of Soldering.

                                                                    See Description for more details about the product.

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