Plusivo Soldering Kit For Electronics (220-230 V, Plug Type A)


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21-in-1 set: The Plusivo Soldering Kit is a full set of soldering tools for hobbyists, electronics and electrical learners, enthusiasts, beginners, and professionals. It is suited for purposes such as DIY soldering projects, electronics repairs, home crafts-making, and many more.

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Complete Soldering Kit: It includes the complete soldering tools for various uses, from home DIY, electrical repairs jobs and other soldering projects.

Premium Components: High-quality assorted components used for soldering.

Soldering Iron Kit: Complete set for your soldering projects.

Durable PU Carry Bag Included: It helps you to always keep the components organized; very convenient to store small tools, easy to carry and transport.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Our soldering kit is backed by our manufacturer 30-day money back guarantee.

What you want, need, and desire

You Want - A complete soldering kit that includes common tools used for soldering.

You Need - A durable soldering kit with safe iron stand with dual safety design and heat-insulated and anti-scalding silicone handle to protect users from a burn.

You Desire - A premium soldering kit that is easy to carry, transport, and use.

You Get - Everything you want, need and desire with the Plusivo Soldering Kit.

Package Includes

• Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron (60 W)

• Soldering Iron Stand

• Mini Wire Stripper Tool

• Curved Tweezers ESD-15

• Straight Tweezers ESD-11

• Tin Wire Solder Tube

• Desoldering Pump

• Black 22 AWG Wire

• Red 22 AWG Wire

• Soldering Iron Tip Set (5 pcs)

• Solder Wick

• Mini Screwdriver

• Mini PCB

• Ebook: Mastering the art of soldering

Parts of Soldering Iron

Ergonomic design

The Plusivo Soldering Kit is a joy to use. It comes with a PU carry bag that allows you to easily store the tools. Just open the bag and pick up the tool that you need.

How to Use Desoldering Pump

You'll never want to be without the Plusivo Soldering Kit!

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Great product!

It's a great deal, comes with everything you will need to solder just about anything, I had a few circuit boards to solder and it did great with the temperature control you will not overheat the board and with the desoldering tools you can redo or replace component with ease.


    Perfect soldering kit for home useage!

    I needed a home soldering kit for miscellaneous repairs and this kit was perfect! It had everything I needed good temperature control and arrived early! Very reasonably priced as well.


      Super easy for beginners, great value for the price

      I bought this kit for my first soldering project and was surprised at how well it worked and how easy it was to use. My dad had an old soldering station that would have been considered a "nice" product for it's time, and this $16 kit worked way better. Being able to adjust the heat is an awesome feature, and I am genuinely happy with the quality of all of the accessories that it comes with. Keep in mind, the only thing you will need to purchase on top of this is flux.



        You get a ton for a small amount of money, even a board to make your own circuits! The temperature control is very useful. It comes with enough Solder to use. It comes with wires to use also, it doesn't come with a lot, but a usable amount. It heats up extremely fast, faster than I would imagine. Changing tips is easy - All you do is twist the tip, take the tip out, place a new tip in, and twist it back on. The tips are very precise and perfect for what I do. The stand works well (Make sure you put the iron on the stand the right way or else the stand will fall due to too much weight being carried on one side. The case for the iron and components holds everything in a compact way, and I wouldn't understand why I would throw it out. Overall, highly recommended, perfect if you're going on a budget.


          Great value and overall great kit.

          I needed something affordable and shipped fast so I could fix my brake light harness. I don't know much about soldering guns or kits, but I sure wasn't expecting what I got for the price. It heated up fast, and did the job perfectly. The extra benefit was all the add ons that came in the kit... I've paid way more for just a simple soldering gun in the past. This might not be a heavy duty professional type kit, but it sure is handy to have in your home or shop tool drawer for quick wire fixes.


            Excellent value. Comes with everything you need

            Great kit! Came with a lot more than I expected. Everything you need is included in a nice case. You get the holder plus solder, tweezers, desolder. Even some wires! Plus a lot more. I love this kit!


              Ready super fast

              This is a great little all around soldering iron. I use mine for electronic repairs. I’ve had 6 or 7 others over the last 35 years. Some were professional grade and expensive. This one holds its own and will do what you want it to. 60 watts is plenty of power for soldering all kinds of projects. I love all of the attachments and included parts. Really good quality so far.
              Get one. You won’t be disappointed!


                Everything you need in one handy kit

                This is an excellent, everything-a-beginner-could-need soldering kit. I've not soldered much, but when I have, I've used my husband's items, which weren't ideal for fixing flat irons, curling irons, tablets, etc, which is what I've fixed myself. This kit, though, has all I need to fix them properly. I like that it comes with several different attachment heads for different projects; a fine tip, fine slanted tip, wider slaned tip and a standard tip. I also like that it has a temperature settings, something my husband's old Weller doesn't have. This kit also gives you a web address so you can download an e-manual so you can get the basics on getting started. I wouldn't suggest reading just the manual, though; I also watched YouTube videos to see how to put the theory into practice. Still, hands-on practice is needed to get soldering down, and with this kit, I can do all the practicing I need.
                This is a great kit for a great value and I highly recommend it.


                  I thought I was bad at soldering. Then I got a competent solderi

                  This comes with a bunch of useful stuff. Complete the kit with some soldering flux.
                  I used to swear by soldering guns. If that tip glows red it must be hot enough to solder. Well I was wrong. I really didn't know how to solder. Got this kit and some flux now I feel like a mildly competent solderer. Jobs take me half the time and solder flows like it should much more easily.


                    Happy with this iron

                    Nice addition to have a good stand, solder, shrink wrap, and desolder wick. Be sure to also get some flux (the paste style works well for me). If you happen to be new to soldering be sure to look up a video on how to tin a new iron. I normally have been using a 25-30 watt iron. Once they are up to heat I just leave it plugged in until my job is finished. My primary use is to repair the wiring on my truck. I'll update if the iron has problems long term.


                      Great for guitar mods and repairs!

                      I love it! I've recently been learning to solder guitar parts, and this has been great. Gets very hot if you want. Easy to clean off with the sponge. I've used the enclosed wire and solder and they work fine. The wire stripper works too - I'm sure there are much better ones out there, but this gets the job done, especially for the money.


                        Great Starter Kit

                        I am new to soldering. This item was just what I needed to get started on a little project that I had. I love that it comes with a storage case. The kit also includes little extra tools and bits that I'm assuming will be useful in the future. The items that I used the most were the soldering iron, the solder, and the wick. This kit does not include flux, but that can be purchased separately for an inexpensive price elsewhere.


                          Soldering iron kit with good extras.

                          I needed a new soldering iron and found this kit and decided to give it a try. The soldering iron is adjustable for temperature. I was pleased at all of the extras that came with it. Great deal for an affordable price.


                            Easy to use, even for a novice.

                            I bought this soldering iron to try and repair a couple of electric hand tools. I read the on-line instruction manual and then gave it a try. The soldering iron, with it's adjustable temperature control, made the task very easy. In one tool, a couple of solder connections on a small circuit board has come loose. Using a continuity meter, I was able to identify the bad connections. With the soldering iron set to 400 degrees F, it was very easy to resolder those points on the board. My next project is my wife's washing machine that has intermittent communication problems between two control boards. The videos on Youtube make it look easy; with this little soldering iron, how can I go wrong? It's a great tool at a great price.


                              Very complete!

                              This is a very nice kit if you need to start soldering. It is very complete and I particularly liked the vacuum solder sucker to remove melted solder from joints you are de-soldering. This is very complete and has literally everything you need in one zippered kit. Much easier than going to a hardware store and buying everything individually.


                                Great product!

                                This product works great, and the 60 second heat time is accurate, at the lowest temp. This set comes with EVERYTHING that you would need to start soldering! also very GREAT for the price! I recommend this for anyone thats starting out in soldering, and wants a kit that will get them up and running in about 60 seconds!



                                  I didn't want to break the bank but wanted something new that could replace my old soldering gun. This was a step up from my other one which was a surprise. I liked having a temperature dial and this one heated up rather quickly which was extremely useful for building things quickly. Overall, I was able to finish my prototyping project in record time. I had a blast doing it. This kit came with everything you need to get started and a little more. I suggest this for anyone looking for another soldering kit. For the price, it is awesome.


                                    Great beginner soldering iron. Very happy with it.

                                    I'm new to soldering. Bought this specifically to hook up arcade buttons to a switch controller I'd gutted. Had no issues at all.

                                    The iron was hot enough, the tip I used was headed throughout and the accessories that I used all worked well.

                                    I'm a novice and this worked fine. Also great quality for its price. Highly recommended!


                                      Seller takes pride in getting their quality parts to you fast an

                                      There's many different levels of soldering. If you're a beginner or someone doing light-duty soldering like phones and small computer work this it's perfect. I find it has everything I needed to get started and everything was well explained. Can't ask for better, especially for the price. Thanks!!


                                        Full featured soldering kit at a reasonable price

                                        This is a full featured soldering kit at a reasonable price with guide to how to solder. Highly recommended for anyone new to soldering. Quality of soldering iron is good lasting long durations of use without burning out. I am very satisfied with the product.


                                          Outstanding Value for Occasional Soldering

                                          This soldering kit is unbelievable! It comes complete with everything one needs to solder. The kit comes with a free download "How to Solder" e-book. The ebook is great because it actually uses pictures of the actual tools and parts included in this very set! I went on line, re-learned how to solder, and within the next hour, I was done. The job turned out perfectly. I also loved how this iron has adjustable levels of heat, is small enough to adeptly handle, and is quite adequate for the occasional soldering project. Very happy with this kit; outstanding value. GET IT.

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                                            Plusivo Soldering Kit For Electronics (220-230 V, Plug Type A)

                                            Plusivo Soldering Kit For Electronics (220-230 V, Plug Type A)

                                            21-in-1 set: The Plusivo Soldering Kit is a full set of soldering tools for hobbyists, electronics and electrical learners, enthusiasts, beginners, and professionals. It is suited for purposes such as DIY soldering projects, electronics repairs, home crafts-making, and many more.

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