L298N Dual Motor Driver


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The L298N engine driver module is ideal for controlling two small and medium engines.

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This driver also contains a linear voltage limiter, so when the power supply to the motors is 7 V, there is no need to feed the logic part separately.

This driver is a dual driver, capable of controlling two engines. It can also be used for stepper motors.

Even though it is larger in size, it is useful in that it benefits from a large radiator and dissipates a large amount of heat.


  • Motor voltage: 5 V - 35 V;
  • Logic circuit voltage: 5 V;
  • Motor current: 2 A (MAX);
  • Logic current: 36 mA;
  • Maximum frequency pwm: 40 kHz.
  • Dimensions: 43 x 43 x 27 mm.

Use with Arduino


• Out 1: Motor terminal A
• Out 2: Motor terminal A
• Out 3: Motor terminal B
• Out 4: Motor terminal B
• 5 V: 5 V input (if the source used is 7-35 V can be used as 5 V)
• EnA: PWM for motor A -
   EnB speed control : PWM for motor B - Pini speed control for speed and direction control:
• In1: motor direction A
• In2: motor A
• In3: motor B
• In4: engine direction B

To control the DC motors with the L298N driver, we ensure that the EnA and EnB pins are not connected to 5 V. We will connect them to PWM pins 3 and 10 to control the engine speed.
To control the direction of the engines: on In1 we write HIGH, and on In2 we write LOW and the engine will go forward. To reverse the meaning we write LOW, respectively HIGH on In1, In2. Similar to the B engine.
Also, the GND of the driver must be connected with the GND of the Arduino board to work.

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