Plusivo Soldering Iron Kit with Digital Multimeter (220-230 V, Plug Type A)


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Complete Soldering Iron Kit with Multimeter: It includes the complete soldering tools for various uses, from home DIY, electrical repairs jobs and other soldering projects.

Bonus Accessories: 20+ extra items! and a downloadable E-book - Mastering the Art of Soldering.

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The Plusivo Soldering Kit is a set that contains a complete soldering kit that includes common tools used for soldering including a Multimeter. The kit contains a 60 W Soldering Iron with Adjustable Temperature equipped with safety design like the heat-insulated and anti-scalding silicone handle to protect users from burning. Together with the soldering iron, included are some tools and bonus items that are needed in both soldering or desoldering. The kit contents are inside a PU carry bag that allows you to easily store the tools. Plus a bonus Ebook for download just for you, to guide you in your soldering journey.

Complete Soldering Kit with Multimeter:
It includes the complete soldering tools for various uses, from home DIY, electrical repair jobs and other soldering projects.

Premium Components: High-quality assorted components used for soldering.

Soldering Iron Kit with Bonus: Insulating Tape, Soldering Paste, Wire Cutter, Heat shrink Kit, Pen shaped Screwdriver and more.

Durable PU Carry Bag Included: It helps you to always keep the components organized; very convenient to store small tools, easy to carry and transport.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Our soldering kit is backed by our manufacturer 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime customer support.

Package Includes

• Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron (60 W)
• Soldering Iron Stand
• Multimeter with Premium Probes
• Mini Wire Stripper Tool, Diagonal Wire Cutter and Cutter
• Tweezers (Curved ESD-15, Straight Tweezers ESD-11)
• Tin Wire Solder Tube
• Desoldering Pump
• Black 22 and Red 22 AWG Wire
• Soldering Iron Tip Set (5 pcs)
• Solder Wick and Soldering Paste
• Mini Screwdriver and Mini PCB
• Insulating Tape (black, red and yellow)
• Pen Shaped Screwdriver
• Bonus Heat Shrink Kit
• Ebook for download: Mastering the art of soldering

The Soldering Iron and Soldering Iron Stand

The soldering iron is the main item in the kit and features the following:

• Easy to Use
• High Quality
• Protective Tip Enclosure
• Four Ventilation Holes
• Heat Resistant Grip
• Adjustable Temperature

• Wattage: 60 W
• Working Voltage: 220-230 V, Plug Type A
• Item Dimension: 26.5 cm x 17.5 cm x 5 cm
• Max. Temperature: 450 C

Soldering Iron Stand With Sponge

The soldering iron stand is where you will place your soldering iron when not in use. It features the following:

• metal base

• spring holder

• cleaning sponge

• can be assembled and disassembled

In addition to the soldering iron with stand, you can also find these accessories inside

Insulating Tapes, Soldering Paste, and Soldering Wick

You can find in each kit three wonderfully colored insulating tape (black, red and yellow), high quality soldering paste and desoldering wick.

Pen-shaped screwdriver, diagonal cutter, wire stripper, and mini screwdrivers

You are also equipped with powerful tools that shouldn't be missing from anyone's workbench and some bonus handy tools like cutter, mini screwdrivers, and wire stripper.

Plusivo Digital Multimeter

The multimeter features backlight, hold function, premium probes, voltage, current, and resistance measurement and also can be used for conductivity measurement.

Solder, Tweezers, Soldering Tips, Desoldering Pump, Wires, Heat Shrink Tubes

You have everything needed for both soldering and desoldering. It includes accessories that may help you in soldering wires together.

Complete Soldering Kit with Multimeter

When you open the kit, you will find soldering tools and accessories for various uses, from home DIY, electrical repair jobs and other soldering projects. Plus a Multimeter inside and many, many more!!

Durable PU Carry Bag Included

All items are inside the PU carry bag for easy storage of tools. So that it will be easy to carry and transport.

A variety of items inside

Most of the things you need in soldering are inside the kit, from the soldering iron to the wires, screwdriver and heat shrink, etc. More than what you are paying for.

Bonus Ebook for download

Use the code provided in every purchase of a kit to download the ebook which contains tips about safety, how to solder, some maintenance and cleaning tips, etc.

You'll never want to be without the Plusivo Soldering Kit with Multimeter!

Don't delay, buy today.

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Great Kit. Quality is superior!

Temp is good. Nice stuff you get. High quality!



    Whether you’re a beginner or an expert this is a great kit. it has plenty of options for everything you need to do!


      Great buy

      Great value, I love the DMM with the audible continuity mode and probe tip covers. Great deal, very satisfied


        Soldering kit with affordable price

        I needed a soldering iron and also a multimeter and this kit had both items with other extra items which I would have purchased separately. This is an all in one on the go kit.


          Works well

          Must have for every electronics tinker. Products remain well organised and are of good quality. The box itself is good zip works well.


            Just what I needed as a beginner

            I've been paying someone else to do repair work and mods on my guitars for 41 years. I finally decided I might as well learn how to do it myself. This was a perfect entry level kit for me. Everything works well. This has been more fun than I expected.


              Functions perfectly

              Works well and has alot of extra usefull things.


                Everything you might need in one package

                A very complete set of tools and materials for any electronic soldering job. There are so many parts and pieces that getting them back in their correct storage band and zipping the case shut is a challenge, but components are well made. Good instruction sheet, too.


                  Great buy. I'm impressed

                  It's amazing how much they have managed to pack in the bag given the variety. This one had everything I wanted. Very convenient and helps get the job done. I am quite satisfied with the purchase.


                    Higher quality than I expected

                    This kit is awesome. The multimeter is much better quality than I thought it would be and has lots of nice touches like probe covers, etc. Highly recommended!



                      I can't believe the amount of items in this kit. Seems like I'm still finding stuff. All good quality from what I've used of it. For the price it's excellent. Fast shipping too. I'm still like WoW I can't believe all this stuff in here.


                        Great quality at a great price

                        Wonderful product for beginners like me. All the tools that came with the package were not dull and did not have a loose seal or were broken. This is one of the best deals I could find. The housing for all the tools was well made and fits everything well. For its cost, it is everything and more.


                          Excellent kit for electronics projects

                          I use this kit for my electronics project. I have some other tools but I was looking for a kit that has all that I need and a kit that I can store easily. I use it to do a project on an arduino. This has all that is needed for electronics projects. Works perfectly, the iron works good. The multimeter works properly. I recommend it!


                            Definitely worth the money!

                            Great kit for the money. Soldering iron works as it should. Kit provides just about anything you would want. Everything I've used so far in the kit has done its job. Definitely worth the money!


                              Excellent product

                              I have been soldering for years and even did so in the Navy for 3 years as an aviation electronics technician and was always soldering something. This stuff is for real and the price I can't believe really considering how much stuff you get. The little breadboard is a cool addition I thought and I'll have fun with it for sure. It's a good set for beginners as well as us who've been at this awhile. I'm impressed overall and am super pleased I wound up buying this specific kit. Super pleased. I can't wait to solder something....anything....I'm on it lol


                                Great Starter Kit

                                This is a great beginner soldering kit. Perfect for DIY products around the house. I used this kit to repair an old record player and replace some parts on my guitar with great success. The kit has just about everything you could possibly need to get started. I would highly recommend this product!


                                  Great iron!!

                                  I could see why so many people give at such a high rating. Comes also with a ton of extra stuff. I bought it for the iron itself and it comes with a lot of useful things. The iron itself feels really good and sturdy. That thing heats up really fast which is awesome. The temperature control on it is a cool feature. haven't used any of the other tips yet but I'm sure they'll be just as good. great product. Also the case is really nice. Really handy that it comes with a nice steel stand and a spring holder. Great price for a lot of good stuff!!


                                    Solid kit for the price

                                    I used this kit to mod my Logitech G603. It had all the tools I needed for the job, including the e-book for some tips and tricks. Very good for a beginner, has everything you would want as a beginner. The e-book is handy for someone that hasn't soldered before.


                                      Great stuff for the money for sure

                                      I absolutely love this little set. It has it all just look at the pics. The soldering iron is pretty awesome and has a nice little temp control and the multimeter is amazing considering how little I paid for it all. It even has a stand on its back and a backlight and the ability to change probes is priceless and great at these pricepoints. So far it all seems to be good quality.


                                        Complete kit and very easy to use

                                        It is everything you need and more. It has temperature control which is most useful for some jobs, it is a complete package


                                          Perfect starter kit!!

                                          Great product at a great price. I purchased the kit because I wanted to start rebuilding old guitars. I’m new to soldering so I needed something that was user friendly and that came with everything I needed to get started. This kit was perfect! I recommend watching a couple of videos if you’ve never soldered before. These were helpful in terms of learning how to prepare iron and some basic techniques.


                                            Perfect for beginners

                                            Great value for the money. It even comes with a guide and tips for newbies. I have such a wonderful time using the kit and learning from the kit.


                                              Much better than expected

                                              I am Navy trained solder technician and I can appreciate the quality and the items included in this kit. It has everything you need to do the occasional soldering repair around the house. It even came with military quality soldering wick and the amount of solder included in plenty sufficient to last you for a while. It even has a multimeter that to my surprise, it is of great quality.
                                              All in all, I truly recommend it and it's by far the best value. Can't say enough from the pouch that the kit came in, to the amount of accessories and the quality of the soldering unit, which has a heat selector (Also not expected at this price point) I was very impressed by this kit.


                                                Very good deal!

                                                Everything is working and packaged nicely. The multimeter even comes with batteries in it. This kit is wonderful especially the adjustable temperature soldering iron. Great price and product. Very happy!!!


                                                  Amazing product, would definitely refer anyone who wants to sold

                                                  This is a great soldering kit in general. It doesn’t matter if your a beginner or someone that has been soldering for a long time. I’ve had this kit for a while now and I’ve had absolutely no problem with anything. The multimeter works great for the price, the soldering iron works great for the price, everything just works great. The only thing I would buy extra though is one of those brass solder tip cleaner ball if you are a beginner who doesn’t know how to properly care for the tips


                                                    Works great!

                                                    Purchased this and used it for soldering a couple items. It has everything you need to begin. Didn’t have any issues with it and it works perfectly.


                                                      Compact and convenient!

                                                      This kit was perfect for my needs. It wasn't expensive but it has everything you might need. Connectors, tape, pliers, voltage meter, and tools. Plus it all comes in a case that holds it all in place. Very amazed!

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                                                        Plusivo Soldering Iron Kit with Digital Multimeter (220-230 V, Plug Type A)

                                                        Plusivo Soldering Iron Kit with Digital Multimeter (220-230 V, Plug Type A)

                                                        Complete Soldering Iron Kit with Multimeter: It includes the complete soldering tools for various uses, from home DIY, electrical repairs jobs and other soldering projects.

                                                        Bonus Accessories: 20+ extra items! and a downloadable E-book - Mastering the Art of Soldering.

                                                        See Description for more details about the product.

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