Plusivo BJT Transistors Assortment Kit


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Plusivo BJT Transistors Assortment Kit

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BJT Transistor Assortment Kit: It includes the most common PNP and NPN transistors: 2N3904, 2N3906, S8050, 2N2907, S8550, 2N2222, BC337, C1815, BC327, A1015.

Premium Assorted Transistors: With our 210 pcs bipolar transistor pack you will never have to worry about not having the right transistor for your circuit.

Bonus Resistor Kit Included: The transistor kit comes with a 250 pcs bonus resistor assortment kit that includes the most commonly used resistor values, always useful for your electronic circuits.

Durable Plastic Storage Box Included: It helps you to always keep the transistors organized and to transport the transistor kit anywhere - forget about the hassle of keeping the transistors in a bag.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Our transistors assortment pack is backed by our manufacturer 30-day money back guarantee.

Using the right transistor is a big factor in a circuit's performance

A major benefit of the Plusivo BJT Transistor Assortment Kit is that it includes all commonly used PNP and NPN transistors. Having a well-designed transistor kit on hand means no more guesswork and frustration when designing and testing your circuits. You can depend on it to always find the transistors you need.

Large assortment of transistors

The Plusivo Transistors Kit includes 10 commonly used transistor types:

21 pieces each type,

• 2N3904

• 2N3906

• S8050

• 2N2907

• S8550

• 2N2222

• BC337

• C1815

• BC327

• A1015

Bonus Resistor Kit Included

The transistor kit comes with free resistors kit with the following resistance values:

• 47 Ω

• 100 Ω

• 220 Ω

• 330 Ω

• 470 Ω

• 680 Ω

• 1 kΩ

• 2.2 kΩ

• 3.3 kΩ

• 4.7 kΩ

• 6.8 kΩ

• 10 kΩ

• 22 kΩ

• 33 kΩ

• 47 kΩ

• 68 kΩ

• 100 kΩ

• 330 kΩ

• 470 kΩ

• 680 kΩ

• 1 MΩ

What you want, need, and desire

What You Want

A transistors kit that includes most commonly used transistor types.

What You Need

A complete transistors assortment kit, so that you always have the PNP and NPN transistors you need.

What You Desire

A premium BJT transistor kit that is easy to store and use. It comes with an organizer box that allows you to easily store the transistors. Just open the box and pick up the transistor you need.

What You Get

Everything you want, need and desire with the Plusivo Transistors Assortment Kit plus a 250 bonus resistor assortment kit.

Start Your DIY Projects Now with the BJT Transistor Assortment Kit from PLUSIVO!

Don't delay, buy today.

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Nice assortment

Nice assortment of general purpose transistors. The resistor were a great added bonus.


    A good selection of general purpose transistors

    They are what they are supposed to be


      Great product for the price.

      Don't hesitate I bought a few. Excellent product. Building a prototype and these will work just perfectly!


        Super Deal

        Very nice set for very little money


          Awesome kit!

          Great kit! A lot of different transistors to choose from. Will buy again.


            This Company does it right

            I love this product. A great cross section of Transistors, plus they give you a bonus set of resistors which are marked so you can easily see what they are. Will buy again in a second.


              Awesome Transistor Assortment

              This transistor assortment is a must for the hobbyist looking for a real bargain. As if this wasn't already a great bargain, there is a very nice resistor assortment to compliment this deal. We've already used several of these in the learning of Arduino output loads, and Raspberry Pi GPIO. And they can be used in any number of solid state repairs. We are already planning out our next order for the next projects.!!


                Arrived on time

                I got exactly what I expected to get. I did test a few of them just for curiousitys sake, and they tested fine.


                  Exactly what it is supposed to be.

                  It's very nice, exactly as described, organized by type and included bonus resistors. I liked that the compartments were labelled. Nice batch of general purpose transistors, will make experimentation easy!


                    Everything went smoothly

                    Everything went smoothly. Everything was there and labeled correctly. I would recommend this seller to anyone. Thanks Plusivodirect


                      A nice little collection of NPN and PNP transistors

                      This is a small kit but contains useful general purpose/switching transistors. I haven't tried every one in the kit so far, but the ones I have tried are all working just fine! The leads are durable for breadboard work, lead soldering and of course, pcb thru hole soldering. The bonus pack comes with a pile of assorted value resistors. If you need these transistors, you can't go wrong with this pack for the price.


                        Awesome Product!

                        If you are doing electronics, get this kit. All transistors are easily found in the pack. Thank you for a great product!


                          Well marked kit

                          The beauty of this is the well marked label. Really nice to have a 'kit' you can pull down from a shelf knowing you'll find what you need. This is a nice package with a great assortment.


                            Convenient assortment of common bipolar types.

                            Convenient assortment of commonly used hobbyist transistors. The little storage box that they come in is nice too. They got intermixed in transit, so needed sorting, but they were all present and accounted for. The resistor assortment is a nice bonus, and actually clinched the deal for me, since I have just begun gathering components to experiment with.

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                              Plusivo BJT Transistors Assortment Kit

                              Plusivo BJT Transistors Assortment Kit

                              Plusivo BJT Transistors Assortment Kit

                              See Description for more details about the product.

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